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Koala LMS is a new, innovative, simple set of applications made for Django to help you distribute your educational resources and collaborate with your students.
Distribute resources

Distribute resources

The first and main goal of Koala LMS is to help you distribute your educational resources.

Communicate together

Communicate together

We want people to make communities around courses: they can talk in an agora and improve themselves all together.



Koala LMS is made according to the KISS principles: we have core features, nothing more.

Made by students

During the whole process, students from the University of Lorraine were involved. Koala LMS is mainly developed by students preparing a Bachelor’s degree in the l’Université of La Rochelle.

Meets teachers requirements

Students and teachers do not have the same expectations on such a product. That’s why both help to design something close to their needs


Koala-LMS and its core components are licensed under GPLv3.
Therefore, Koala-LMS is absolutely free for personal or commercial use.