Some answers to your questions

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What is the purpose of Koala LMS?

Koala LMS is a digital educational platform. We call LMS (Learning Management System ) tools for managing educational practices and learning. LMS or educational platforms connect teachers and students, while being fully integrated into educative processes.

We consider Koala rather like a learning assistant. Our vision is broader: Koala LMS is certainly a tool, but one that will be able to adapt to students’ digital practices (see: “Perspectives)” section.

Our idea is that Koala LMS become a global tool that can be used in courses, at home, commute to work or on the break on the way to holidays. The learning modalities have evolved and the opportunities to learn have multiplied. We would like to detect this and adapt digital resources to concrete situations.

How does Koala LMS differ from existing solutions?

With Koala LMS, we propose a new approach. Our vision is based entirely on collaboration and mutual help. We reject the commonly accepted thesis that places the teacher in a position of domination. This paradigm blocks some students in an unfavorable pattern of learning. The added value of the teacher is his ability to take a step back, to have a global vision, to arbitrate exchanges and to guide the work.

Koala LMS implements this approach.

Koala LMS breaks down the courses in three levels:

You may have noticed that, unlike centralized solutions like Moodle, Koala LMS adopts a collaborative vision: everyone can propose a teaching resource that will be integrated into activities, then to lessons.

Can I try Koala LMS?

We provide a Koala LMS demonstration platform. You can find it at https://demo.koala-lms.org. You will be connected by default as a demo user. It already has courses, activities and educational resources that you can test. He is also enrolled in courses so that he can understand how these courses are presented to students.


The demo data is refreshed every 30 minutes. This precaution is taken so that everyone can take advantage of the test data we created. We also ensure that the data created by previous users are cleaned at fixed times (13h00, 13h30, 14h00 …)

Does Koala LMS work on my equipment?

Koala LMS is a platform on the Web. We have adapted it to work both on large screens (computers, tablets) and on smaller ones (smartphones).

Koala LMS runs on all your devices, all operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux distributions), as long as you have a web browser. In this regard, to be consistent with our philosophy, we recommend the use of Mozilla Firefox.

Is Koala LMS ready for a production environment?

Koala LMS is published regularly as stable release. Stable versions are compatible with each other. There should be no contraindications to updating Koala LMS stable applications through the Python Pip package management tool.

Attention !

Development versions are not and will never be compatible with stable versions, for example, it will not be possible to update version 1.1b1 to version 1.1 when it will be released as stable. This is due to the use of Django developments migrations that are factorized with each new version.

How to contribute to the project?

We use the Gitlab forge to develop Koala LMS and its applications. You can register and follow the Project Contribution Guide to make your contribution to the building. By participating in official applications, you agree that your work is published a priori under a free license, the GPLv3.