Projects managed around Koala LMS: past, present, future!

Upcoming Projects

Below is a list the Koala LMS upcoming projects. Some of them are better explained in the in the upcoming projects page.

2019 & 2020 − Year 1


Improving the User eXperience of a learning platform

Raphaël Penault worked for a ten-week internship as a software developper, with specific focuses on UX improvements. He worked on the user interface to enhance it and to unify it. His intership was successful, and his changes are landing in production 🤓 !

Read Improving the User eXperience of a learning platform for more information.

Student projects

Koala is a learning management system which itself is used has a learning platform, and provides a concrete codebase for students. Its technologies (Python, Django, HTML/CSS) are accessible to Bachelor’s degree students. This way and since the beginning, Koala LMS was a platform for students of course, by also made and maintained by students. Under supervision, of course, don’t worry 😉

Three groups of students participated in the development of Koala LMS by the academic year 2019-2020. They came from the Information Technology Institute of La Rochelle, France. Projects were part of their training as computer technicians. Projects started in October 2019 and ended six months later, in April 2020.

User Experience improvements

Thomas Blot, Olivia Bove, Nolwenn Machon and Raphaël Penault worked all together on User Experience improvements. They led their project with method and showed great results. They improved their skills, learning how to write a detailed precise UX review, in order to propose solutions. Some of them were, of course, implemented during the project.

Read Improving user experience on Koala LMS for more information.

GDPR compliance

Louis Barbier, Dervin Enard, Thomas Leroy, Nathan Letournel, Samuel Vannier add a difficult task to handle, in the context of GDPR compliance. This European Union regulation forces anyone to respect privacy by design. This was quite a challenge to dive into this regulation and to propose solutions to adapt Koala LMS. Their work focused on the django-koalalms-accounts application.

Read GDPR compliance of Koala LMS for more information.

Implementation of a free discussion system

The agora was one of the most wanted features. We wanted our users to be able to collaborate on their courses, activites or resources. Arthur Baribeaud, Simon Billet, Alexis Delabarre, Loris Lebris, Celian Rolland led this projects. They had to formalise everything, as nothing existed. They show great abilities in understanding the issue and formalising pertinent solutions.

Read Development of an Agora allowing exchanges between users