About us

Where everything begins…

A story

Everything starts somewhere. Sometimes, it starts when two people motivated by a common interest meet together. This happened in the Université de La Rochelle a rainy day of January 2018. Samuel Nowakowski and Guillaume Bernard discussed the opportunity to create a new Learning Assistant dedicated to the students…

A year after, in January 2019, after months of discussions, they started this project together. Since then, they’ve done a lot of work they can already share with you. Koala LMS is made thanks to this meeting and this joint work.

Project leaders

Guillaume Bernard

Guillaume Bernard is an engineer and in charge of the Koala LMS project. He’s involved in educational projects and likes popular science. He’s got an experience in free software projects and gets involved in communities like GNOME or OpenStreetMap.

Samuel Nowakowski

Samuel Nowakowski is a lecturer in Digital Humanities at the Université de Lorraine. He’s a permanent member of the LORIA, Nancy, France. He works on education and learning analytics.

Main contributors

Olivia Bove

Member of the UX Team, she worked on user experience, focusing on enhancing browsing inside the app. She designed the Human Interface Guidelines.

Raphaël Penault

Member of the UX Team, he fixed all the little glitches, UX issues, and review the global browsing process with Olivia.

Dervin Enard

Dervin was involved in the development and research of new tools and processes to enhance the collaboration between students and teachers.

Louis Barbier

Louis is responsible of implementing a Bloom’s taxonomy like feature to let users track their objectives and educative path on courses.

Guillaume Ledoux

Guillaume contributes to the popularisation of the project by looking for partners.
He is responsible of finding financing or lauching a fundraising campaign.